My top 4 sneakers (and one shoe-boot)

They say that shoes are a woman’s best friends and you know what? I think they are right!
Shoes are so important to us. Every day when I get ready to go to work i understand that is it impossible to get dressed fully without the right shoes for your outfit. When my feet are to sore from yesterday and i need to switch between pairs-  i mostly can’t wear the outfit i aimed for- i have to change everything and start all over again.
This is exactly the reason it is so important to have the right pair of shoes for each and every purpose and occasion.
This last 2 years I’m absolutely in love with the options and in old shoe brands that reinvented themselves. This is all about the former wonderful decades in shoes fashion and it is time to ride the time machine!
So without further notice, i represent to you my favorite 4.
Dr martens is a brand that lasts, therefore, it is not a surprise that these shoes survived time and all weather conditions. They will protect your fit anywhere, whether it’s indoors or out in the wild.  they have a very classic look and they come in many shapes and sizes.
I personally like this model the most because it is both generic and unique at the same time, the shininess adds an edge to its already grunge-ishi look and pushing it closer to the “preppy look” side of the spectrum, that makes it surprisingly appropriate for both work and a night out.
And yes. I know they are not compatible as a comfortable pair, but they do stretch out with time and they will keep your pinkies super warm during the winter so you wouldn’t mind to wear a short skirt and stockings to complete the look.
The good old “all-star” went throw a wonderful transition from a product made for marking the uncool rocker misfits we (or I) were at high-school in to the coolest sneakers around. They use to make them in black blue and red back in the old days (90’s rock!) but today they come in various colors and shades, such as this beautiful grey-brown shade. You might think that they are not a good fit for wide feet (pun intended, i’m a dork ), but i recommend you to try and let them surprise you.
Rebook. What can i say that hasn’t been already said. This brand is really like the dawn of the dead. I always had a warm place in my heart for them that i awe to me older brothers. My brothers were teens when i was a baby and they really loved good sneakers. shoes has always been a symbol of athletics and good taste even for young boys. Growing up, i only saw them in old family pics and i realized that things don’t last forever. Surprisingly, sometimes they do! I’m so happy that the brands we grew up with are coming back to life and we can relive the good times and memories via them. Just like time travel.
The only “bad” thing i have to say about them is that i wish the price would have remained like it use to, but i just it’s not economically possible.
They are really comfy, they look great and elegant, and i just love them.
For those of you who don’t already know- Superga is a brand that was founded in 1911 in Italy, but had a massive brake throw in the US a few years ago after the involvement of Steve Madden (who acquired the license to sell, market, and distribute Superga products in North America) and  the fashion world best twins- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as creative directors. I must confess- i have a white shoes obsession. Regardless of Superga’s really accurate detailing and beautiful rounded look, when you take white sneakers with a bit of a platform, you get a winner pair that would get along with any outfit in the world.
if you got this far you are probably wondering” what the hell? its summer! what’s with the winter closed sneakers? well, you are right. i actually wanted to post this a long time ago but i was struggling with myself if i should really do this whole fashion blog thing, until it just kind of happen by it self now, without me doubting myself. i promise to be more seasonal appropriate next time.
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